Project Description

(Camelus bactrianus)

Bactrian Camels, native to the Gobi Desert in China and the Bactrian steppes of Mongolia, grow a shaggy coat in the winter for protection from the freezing cold and shed the coat during the hot summer.

There are two species of Bactrian Camel – Wild and Domesticated. There are currently 650 wild Bactrian Camel in China and about 450 in Mongolia.

Camels have been used for centuries for wool, milk, meat, leather, and even dung, which can be used for fuel, and are known as the “Ships of the Desert”.

You can remember that Bactrian camels have 2 humps, just as the capital letter B has two humps!

Fast Facts

Country of Origin: Central Asia

Weight: 990 - 1100 lbs

Size: Up to 5.9 feet tall at the shoulder

Lifespan: Up to 18 years old

Diet: Eat mostly grasses and low-quality desert vegetation, but will even eat fish if they needed to.

Conservation Status: Domesticated

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