Project Description

(Ara macao)

The Scarlet Macaw is a large red, yellow, and blue South American parrot, and a member of a large group of Neotropical parrots called macaws. It is native to humid evergreen forests of tropical South America.

With strong wings and hollow bones that aid flight, they can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour. The Scarlet Macaw has a strong, curved beak to crack hard nuts and seeds, and a tongue that can hold onto the kernel to pull it from the shell.

Males and females both look the same.

Fast Facts

Country of Origin: Central and South America

Weight: 1.8 - 2.2 lbs

Size: 32 -34 inches in length

Lifespan: 45 -50 years in the wild, 75 - 90 years in captivity

Diet: The Scarlet Macaw will eat mostly fruits, nuts and seeds, including large, hard seeds.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

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