Project Description

(Cygnus atratus)

The Australian Black Swan is found primarily in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, where it inhabits freshwater lakes, ponds, and slow flowing rivers. Their nest is made of twigs, sticks, and grass fixed with mud.

Its plumage coloration is predominantly black. The bill is orange-red, the top is white, legs are black. The wings are black apart from the band at the end that is white and rather vivid when flying.

While graceful in flight and in water, the Black Swan walks rather clumsily and slowly on land!

Fast Facts

Country of Origin: Australia

Weight: 10 -13 lbs

Size: 47 inches long

Lifespan: 30 - 40 years in the wild

Diet: Australian Black Swans feed on aquatic and marshland plants and algae

Conservation Status: Least Concern

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