Project Description

(Macropus rufus)

The Red Kangaroo is a very large kangaroo with long, pointed ears and a squared-off muzzle.

Males have short, red-brown fur, fading to pale buff below and on the limbs. Females are smaller than males and are blue-grey with a brown tinge, pale grey below. It has two forelimbs with small claws, two muscular hind-limbs, which are used for jumping.

It also has a strong tail which is often used to create a tripod when standing upright.

Fast Facts

Country of Origin: Australia

Weight: 200 - 300 lbs

Size: 4 - 5.5 ft tall

Lifespan: 23 years in the wild

Diet: The foundation of the Red Kangaroo diet consists of plenty of grass in different varieties, shrubs, flowering plants and foliage.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

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