Project Description

(Sus scrofa domesticus)

Domestic pigs, often called swine, hogs, or pigs, are all domesticated, even-toed ungulates that are descendants of wild boars. When pigs are used as livestock, they are farmed for their meat called “pork”. Pigs are hairless mammals, that do not have the ability to sweat to cool themselves down. Instead, they regulate their temperature by wallowing in the mud or water which also protects them from sunburn, parasites, and dulls their scent. Pigs are one of four known mammal species which possess a mutation that protects them against snake venom. Pigs are highly intelligent animals and are often compared to dogs in that regard. Pigs in Europe have been trained to locate underground truffles by using their well-developed sense of smell.

Fast Facts

Country of Origin: Domesticated from the wild boar in ancient Mesopotamia

Weight: Up to 770 lbs

Size: Up to 71 inches in length

Lifespan: Between 15 to 20 years

Diet: Pigs are omnivores and foraging animals by nature. They will eat leaves, roots, fruits, flowers, insects, corn, and more.

Conservation Status: Domesticated

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