The ORIGINIAL Ohio Safari Park – Dates, hours, shows, exhibits, and rates subject to change without advance notice. Some animals may be exhibited in pens. Keep car doors closed at all times. Jeep and convertibles must have top and solid doors on to travel through the Park for your safety. You can unzip or roll down your windows to feed the animals. Window openings cannot be larger than a standard sedan window. We reserve the right to deny any vehicle entry into the Drive-Thru that would not meet the safety standards required to drive through. Only pet dogs allowed in Park. They cannot interact with animals in Drive-Thru. Do not hang out of your car. Feed only from cup provided and hold bottom of the cup while feeding. No feeding animals from your hands. Outside Food is not permitted. Obey feeding and NO feeding zone signs. Do not pet the animals. Stay in your car in case of an emergency. Sound your horn in need of assistance. Speed limit is 5mph. Enter at your own risk.