Project Description

(Taurotragus derbianus)

The Giant Eland, also known as the Lord Derby eland, is the largest species of antelope in the world. These animals can be found in the wild in two different remote areas of central Africa. Giant Eland males are much larger in body size than females and can also be identified by their large flap of hanging skin underneath their chin called a “dewlap”. Both males and females have the characteristic spiral horns, white lips, and dewlaps. They are primarily nocturnal and can live in social herds of up to 25 individuals. Decline of Giant Eland in the wild was due to over-hunting and habitat destruction.

Fast Facts

Country of Origin: Central Africa

Weight: Males up to 2,200 lbs, Females up to 1,320 lbs

Size: Up to 5.9 feet tall at the shoulder

Lifespan: 25 years in the wild, 20 years in captivity

Diet: Grasses, foliage, weeds, and other lower-quality plant material. If available, they have been found to eat fruits.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

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