Walk -Thru Safari

Walk -Thru Safari


Walk-Thru Safari

Visit the animals in our walk-thru safari and shows!
Please note, the Walk-Thru Safari will be closed until warm weather returns in the spring.


Nyala are found in the woodlands of South Africa are rarely seen out in the open, away from the protection of the forest. They eat grasses, leaves and some fruit. They are currently low risk but are threatened.


Considered by many to be the most beautiful member of the cat family. They live in dense forests and jungles, are nocturnal and rather shy. Due to demands placed by the fashion industry for their skins, their population has been drastically reduced.


Sulcata Tortoises are the third largest species of tortoise and can weigh over 200 lbs and reach 35 inches in length. They live in North Africa, in the savanna and semi-desert areas. They are currently threatened in the wild but are very common household pets.


Warthogs generally live about 15 years and can be found in most of sub-Saharan Africa. Warthogs are not currently threatened. They are very adaptable and are common in parts of their range.

White Alligator

Our Walk-Thru Safari is like that of a zoo setting, which features our new rare white alligator exhibit! The white color makes this animal rare in the wild. The lack of color is cause by a genetic or congential condition that interferes with the ability to produce pigments.

White-Handed Gibbons

Gibbons live in subtropical rainforests from Northeast India to Southern China. Gibbons eat leaves, twigs, shoots, flowers, eggs and insects. Gibbons are threatened due to habitat loss.