African Safari Wildlife Park - Food & Drinks

Ice Cream Shop  - Open at 11 AM DAily

Enjoy “out of this world” hand dipped ice cream at the ICE CREAM SHOP.

Ice Cream Shop Pricing

1 Scoop $3.99

2 Scoops $4.99

Giraffe Neck $5.99

Waffle Cones Additional $1.00

Sundaes $4.99

Dirt N Worms $4.99

Floats $3.99

Banana Split $5.99

African Safari Wildlife Park - Food & Drinks

Safari Grill - Open at 11 AM Daily 

Eat at our SAFARI GRILL (only open during full park operation and extended weekends) Menu items include, but not limited to cheeseburgers, grilled chicken breast, hot dogs and soft pretzels

Made to order from our grill, all meals include a side order of chips, pretzels or popcorn, and fountain drinks. Children's Meals (hot dog, hamburger, cheeseburger or grilled cheese) include chips and a small fountain drink in a souvenir cup.

African Safari Wildlife Park - Food & Drinks

Snack Bar - Open at 11 AM Daily 

Try the SNACK BAR (open all season). Enjoy menu items like soft pretzels, nachos, popcorn, hot chocolate, coffee, and ice cold fountain drinks.

Snack Bar Menu

Bratwurst $3.99

Hot Dog $2.99

Super Pretzel $3.99

Specialty Hotdogs $3.95

Corndogs $1.99

Nacho & Cheese $3.95

Cup of Cheese                            $.50

Super Nachos $4.99

Grilled Chicken $5.99

Chicken Nuggets                       $3.99

Chips $1.00

Hamburger $4.99

Veggie Burger $4.99

Fountain Drinks small : $2.99

Fountain Drinks large: $3.99

Rg ICEE$4.99

Sm ICEE                                     $3.99

Bottle Water$3.99

Bottled Pop                                $3.99

Souvenir Bottles                       $5.99